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About West Carlisle Fire/EMS

Mission Statement
We, the members of West Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department, dedicate our efforts to provide for the safety and welfare of the citizens of West Texas through preservation of life, property, and the environment, by providing fire suppression, prevention, and education services.

     West Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1983 by a group of concerned citizens in the Carlisle community. This organization began after a devastating fire destroyed a local church, a fire which required help to come from a great distance, with an aim to protect the citizens and provide a faster response. So, with the assistance of the Lubbock County Commissioners Court, West Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department was born.


     As the fire department continued to grow and obtain better equipment and gain new members, a search was conducted for property to build a permanent station. From 1983 until 1990, West Carlisle was house in an unused building located on the property owned by a local cotton gin. While this temporary housing was much appreciated, a home for the department was needed. Property was located, plans were drawn and financing secured, West Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department moved into their present day home located at 121 Inler Avenue in late 1990.


     West Carlisle began fundraising efforts to start a replacement program for their ageing fleet after the move into the new station. In 1993, after much hard work and effort, a new tanker was purchased and placed into service. With the assistance of the Lubbock County Commissioners Court, another truck was purchased in 1994 and 1995. A new engine was placed into service in 1997 marking a great milestone for West Carlisle.


     In 1997, the Lubbock economy suffered a serious blow with the closing of Reese Air Force Base. While this hurt local business, it also hurt the First Responder community as Reese AFB staff provided medical first response to the western portion of Lubbock County. West Carlisle again was up to the task and agreed to take on first response for EMS in the area. A class was organized and 10 people graduated our first Emergency Medical technician Course in 1998.


     As time progressed and population grew, West Carlisle found it necessary, in order to provide the outstanding service our community deserves, to place in service, a full time Emergency Medical Service ambulance.  This marked a change for our organization as now we have full time employees staffing one ambulance 24 hours per day. This was the first fire based EMS service in Lubbock County. Since that time, our EMS call volume as grown by over 200% and has required our organization to purchase a second ambulance, staffed by on call members, to keep up with the ever increasing call volume.


     West Carlisle Fire/EMS continues to grow and provide services for the community and the region. With the addition of a regional firefighter rehabilitation team and engagement in the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force, West Carlisle remains focused on the need of our members and on the community.  



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